Honda announces a new line of electric cars, the Honda 0 Series

Honda announces a new line of electric cars: Honda 0

Honda announces a new line of electric cars, Honda 0. The Honda 0 Saloon was one of two concepts unveiled.HondaCNN — 

Honda unveiled two concept vehicles at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that offer an early look at an upcoming line of electric vehicles.

The first of these new EVs, called the Honda 0 Series, will go into production in 2026, Honda announced. The new models will also have a new Honda “H” logo as part of the company’s shift to electric vehicles.

Honda announced last year that it was investing $40 billion to create new electric vehicles with plans to introduce 30 new EVs globally by 2030. Earlier, Honda announced plans to sell only zero-emission vehicles in major markets by 2040.

Honda announces a new line of electric cars: Honda 0

The Space-Hub is a roomy van conceptHonda

Currently, Honda lags behind major competitors in sales of fully electric vehicles. In the United States, for instance, Honda does not currently offer any fully electric models although it has offered some in the past targeted at specific markets, like California. And a mass-market electric SUV – the Prologue, created in cooperation with General Motors – is expected to go on sale later this year. Meanwhile, competitors such as Hyundai, Kia, Ford and GM have multiple EV models for sale already.

The two Honda 0 series concept vehicles are called the Saloon and the Space-Hub. In automotive terms, saloon is another word for sedan that is more commonly used in British English. The Saloon concept looks more like hatchback, though, with a low, smooth outline ending in a blunt back end. It represents the first Series 0 model that will be available in North America beginning some time in 2026.

Honda announces a new line of electric cars: Honda 0

The Honda 0 Space-Hub is designed with a roomy interior.Honda

The Space-Hub concept is taller with a body resembling a van. This vehicle has a spacious, flexible interior that can carry a “a variety of passengers,” according to Honda. Images of the interior show bench seats extended around the back and sides of the vehicle. Honda did not say when or if something like the Space-Hub might go on sale.

The new H logo unveiled is simpler than the current version. It does away with the box that encloses the current Honda logo. As in the current logo, the vertical arms of the H reach outward toward the top. This new H will be used on all of Honda’s new 0 Series EVs, the company said.

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